The optical shop at Stamford Ophthalmology is proud to offer a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors to fit every personality. We carry many designer brands including Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Bobbi Brown, GX by Gwen Stefani and Nautica. If you prefer your glasses to appear almost invisible, we carry a variety of rimless frames by Silhouette. Are you rough on your frames? If so, the memory-metal of Nike Flexons might be right for you. We also carry a wide selection of frames for children and teenagers, including those from Ocean Pacific and Taylor Madison. The optical shop offers both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, all of which include UV protection. Many of our sunglasses are polarized, including those by Maui Jim and Spy Eyewear, which help to reduce glare off water, snow, and even asphalt.

Kids Frames

Stamford Ophthalmology carries a wide variety of frames and styles for infants, children and teenagers. Since “kids will be kids,” we carry some of the most durable brands including Miraflex, Flexon and EasyTwist.Opticians Stamford CT | Greenwich CTWe also carry a variety of impact-resistant sports glasses and goggles, such as Rec Specs from Liberty Sports, ideal for sports such as soccer, baseball and football. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of sunglasses (both polarized and non-polarized) for children. All lenses are made with polycarbonate plastic lenses, which are both shatter and scratch resistant. Lenses can be made clear or as transitions, which darken when exposed to sunlight.

All children 14 and under receive 30% off a complete set of eyeglasses, including a one-year, one-time, no charge warranty. This warranty does not apply to clearance frames. Please note that children’s discounts cannot be combined with any insurances, discounts or coupons. The replacement warranty may vary depending on your vision plan. Please ask an associate for details.


The optical shop is pleased to offer state-of-the-art prescription lenses at competitive prices.

Do you get glare when driving at night or in rainy weather? Do your eyes feel strained and tired at the computer? Does it bother you when photographs show white glare off your sunglasses? Then anti-glare lenses by Crizal or HOYA might be right for you. These extremely popular lenses are designed to reduce the “halo” effect from oncoming headlights. They also help to reduce eye fatigue that is often felt during computer use, especially under fluorescent lighting.

Transition lenses – lenses that are clear indoors and darken when exposed to UV light – are available in almost every prescription. Please note that most car windshields have a UV filter, which prevent these lenses from darkening while driving, even on the sunniest days. For this reason, patients often get separate sunglasses or clip-ons for driving.

Progressive lenses, also known as “no-line bifocals,” are the most commonly preferred multifocal lenses because they provide clear vision for nearly any distance, including distance, computer and reading. Progressive lens technology has improved dramatically over the past few years. The optical shop is proud to offer the most state-of-the-art progressive brands including Varilux and HOYA, which are digitally manufactured to decrease distortion and provide the widest field of vision.

With more and more people relying on computers, tablets and smartphones, intermediate distance glasses have become very popular. Depending on the prescription and lifestyle requirements, patients can wear either single vision or bifocal computer glasses for optimal intermediate vision. We suggest always using anti-glare coating for computers and tablets to help reduce eye fatigue.


Opticians Stamford CT | Greenwich CTThe optical shop at Stamford Ophthalmology is pleased to offer a one-time, one-year, no charge warranty on our glasses in the event of accidental damage, as long as you bring in all of the broken pieces. Please note that depending on your individual vision plan, this warranty may not apply. The warranty does not apply to lost, stolen or clearance glasses.


Our optical shop also offers a variety of discounts. We provide 10% off a complete set of glasses with either AAA or AARP. We also offer a multiple pair discount, which can be especially helpful if you are updating both your regular glasses and your sunglasses. The optical shop has a variety of clearance frames, with savings up to 50% off select designer frames. Please note that discounts or clearance items cannot be combined with vision plans, insurances, or other discounts and coupons. Please see an associate for details.